Sportsbet CS:GO

Sportsbet CSGO

Today, the fan army of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive counts thousands of gamblers worldwide. offers excellent deals for betting on all major events featuring the game. You can try a hand at Sportsbet CSGO right now.

In the review below, you will find out all the basic information regarding CS:GO betting lines, how to bet on the game, what events are expected in the near future, what bonuses are available for bettors, and other details.

About CS:GO Betting on

To access All CS:GO betting options on, you need to register. Next, you can explore the dedicated section located on the main menu panel in the center of the home page. A window will open in front of you, where you can see all the current betting opportunities for the game. At the moment, the following subsections are available here:

  • In-game. This subsection allows you to make bets as the CS:GO event you selected progresses.
  • Next 24 hours. Here, you will find CS:GO competitions that will be launched within the next 24 hours.
  • Future. That’s where you can find CS:GO matches scheduled for the next week or month. The dates of a particular game are also indicated here. 
  • Leagues. As the name of the section implies, it features a list of active CS:GO sports leagues.
  • News. In this section, you will discover updated information about CS:GO betting. The more you learn about this game and the competitions between the strongest teams, the higher the chance you will earn on betting.

What is CS:GO Betting

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most impressive and watchable esports games ever. Every year CS:GO championships are held around the world, and bookmakers like offer profitable betting lines.

In short, CS:GO is a team-based shooter with two opposing sides – Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists (Ts and CTs). To win, each side must perform a certain action, like planting a bomb (for Ts) or defusing it (for CTs). But most rounds end with the complete elimination of one side.

Before starting to place bets on Sportsbet CSGO, let’s discover the types of all eSports tournaments. For now, they can be divided into three categories:

  • Minors. These are lower-level CS:GO events mostly for beginner and average teams. Victories in such matches give teams the right to play in more prestigious competitions.
  • Majors. These tournaments are of the highest level. Usually, teams get to the Major level via the minor one or at the direct invitation of the CS:GO event organizers. Such matches are held two times per year (in spring and autumn). During the majors, betting on CS:GO reaches its highest peak.
  • Top leagues. It’s a cross between the minors category and the majors level. Such matches are held by major organizers – DreamHack, BLAST, ESL, and IEM. Mainly, these events are held on LAN (in the gambling arena) with a huge prize pool and are considered prestigious.

Table of Upcoming Events, Dates

Are you going to place bets on the top CS:GO tournaments in the near future? If so, take a look at the table with the latest information concerning upcoming Sportsbet CSGO events.

CS:GO eventDate
PGL Major Antwerp 2022 Europe RMR B21/04 – 24/04
Blast Premier Spring Showdown 2022 North America27/04 – 01/05
Blast Premier Spring Showdown 2022 Europe27/04 – 01/05

How to Bet on CS:GO

To start betting on Sportsbet CSGO, you need to sign in to the website and top up your balance. As soon as you become a registered user of, try your hand at CSGO betting. For that:


Go to your account and choose a CS:GO betting line;


Next, select the event you are going to bet money on;


Then, choose a betting option and find out about the current odds.

After the bookmaker’s system processes your bet, all you have to do is wait for the end of the match.

Betting on CS:GO can become an additional source of profit, so, unlike other events, statistics here provide a high degree of predictability.

Types of Bets on CS:GO Events

Table of Upcoming Events, Dates

If you decide to bet on this game, you should figure out the concept of tournaments and the types of CS GO bets. They may differ depending on the specific sporting event. 

So, the most popular types of bets in Sportsbet CSGO, which most Indian bookmakers offer, are short-term or long-term bets. The first option is used for a specific event, and the second one is used for the result of a public event. Long-term bets can only be made in advance. Short-term bets can be placed before the start of the match.

Now, you will find these types of bets on many sites in India:

  • Betting on outcomes;
  • Bets on the card winner;
  • Total rounds;
  • Handicap (by cards and rounds);
  • Wins in individual rounds;
  • Bets on other outcomes.

Types of Bets on Counter-Strike in

The bookmaker offers several types of bets on eSports competitions. At the moment, you will find valid offers if you log on to the platform and go to the Sportsbet CSGO betting section. 

Types of bets on CS GO:

  • Winner. The most popular CS:GO bet among Indian bettors is P1/P2. That type is advantageous when the odds are pretty equal, or the quotes for winning one of the teams differ from 2 to 3.
  • Total. Here, punters bet on totals more or less under specific scenarios of winning rounds. There are several strategies to win a game: detonate or defuse a bomb.
  • Handicap. Online betting with a handicap implies an advantage or lag for one of the participants, which the bookie offers before the start of the CSGO match. This is done to equalize both teams’ possibilities to reach victory. 

When one of the teams highly outperforms the opponent, that team receives a negative handicap, which shows the “-” symbol in front of the numeric value. The second participant, on the contrary, got a positive head start. It is shown by a “+” sign.

CS:GO Ranked Teams in 2022

The CS:GO ranking system can be confusing for new players in the game. You start without a certain rank, and after several rebounds, you will get a rank corresponding to your skill.

If you decide to become a bettor at Sportsbet CSGO, you need to know which teams belong to the highest level. So, in 2022, the top-ranked CS GO teams are:

  • Faze Clan;
  • Natus Vincere;
  • Gambit;
  • G2;
  • Heroic;
  • Ence;
  • NiP;
  • Furia.

Tips for Betting on CS GO in 2022

Tips for Betting on CS GO in 2022

To profit from betting, you should use some guides. Keep in mind that all forecasters can make mistakes. And so, to minimize the risk, here are seven helpful tips for you:

  • Skip the bet if you are not sure about it. If the Sportsbet CSGO event is controversial and there is a risk of losing money, you should keep your savings and spend them for some other matches.
  • Don’t place bets on everything. Many newbies make a huge mistake and start betting on all CS:GO matches on the line. Handle this temptation. 
  • Stay calm whatever it takes, and wait for suitable CS GO matches with high traffic.
  • Never place all-in bets. Experienced bettors put 1-2% of the bankroll amount (keep in mind that mainly professionals have large betting budgets). A fixed percentage of the amount brings you benefits on the distance.
  • Don’t place CS:GO bets on emotions. After a lost bet, the desire to recoup will be pretty high. Manage your frustration, step back and take a break for a couple of days. Come back to betting in a time, refreshed and with new ideas.
  • Don’t rely just on luck. Study every CS:GO match according to the training manuals.  
  • The betting odds do not show the team’s chances of winning. The quote is only the opinion of the bookie. In eSports, mainly outsiders beat the favorites.
  • Try to avoid betting on CS:GO Chinese teams. There were many cases when Asian teams were caught in match-fixing.

How to Read CS:GO Odds

Three types of betting odds are used for CS:GO betting mostly. Today, almost all betting platforms have these types of coefficients: 

  • Fractional odds. These CS:GO coefficients usually have a slash (/) or a hyphen (-) between the two digits. Let’s take, for example, our make-believe game teams:
    • Team 1: 10/11 or 10-11;
    • Team 2: 9/4 or 9-4.

This means that for the amount after the slash or hyphen, if the team wins, you will receive the amount before the slash or hyphen. 

  • Decipam odds. This odds format is used most often in Sportsbet CSGO betting. Also, it is considered the easiest to understand. Here, next to each participant, you will see decimal coefficients, for example:
    • Team 1: 1.91;
    • Team 2: 3.25.

Here, to determine the CS:GO payout, you need to multiply the bet by a decimal number, and, if the participant wins, the result of the multiplication will be your money prize. 

  • American/Moneyline odds. These types of CS:GO odds use two important signs: the minus sign (-) and the plus sign (+). 
    • Team 1: -110
    • Team 2: +225

The team with the highest negative number is considered the favorite of CS:GO matches, while the second team gets the status of an outsider. App for CS:GO Betting

Suppose you want to bet with the Sportsbet CSGO bookmaker on the go, you will have this opportunity. For this, enter the official website of the bookmaker and download the Android app directly from there. At the moment, the developers have not yet created a downloadable application for iOS users, but they promise to fix it shortly.

Also, you can use your mobile phone to bet on CS:GO in the browser version. It is equally available for both Android and iPhone devices. All the features and offers that are presented on the official website of Sportsbet are also available on the mobile version of the site. You can subscribe to the bookmaker and top up your deposit using the Sportsbet app or mobile browser.

CS:GO Betting Bonus

CSGO Betting Bonus

The Sportsbet website offers excellent odds for betting on CS:GO and generous rewards for bettors. To access the bookmaker’s bonus program, you need to subscribe to the website and make a deposit. At the moment, Indian punters who bet on Sportsbet CSGO receive such rewards here:

  • Esports Extreme Offers. The popularity of esports grows fast, and so the popularity of CS:GO deals is pretty high these days! Now bettors can place bets on selected CS:GO events with the possibility of increasing the cost, offering even better value and the opportunity to raise the winnings level! provides bettors with multi-betting features by including an exclusive multiplier. How does it work? You simply make multiple selections in the same betting by increasing your multiplier and increasing your potential CS GO betting prize!.
  • Mega 4-3-Free contest. You can earn Bitcoins here. The deal comes with an excellent prize pool of INR 10,00,000. That gift is free of charge for all existing Sportsbet. io clients.
  • Onramper reward. All the regular punters can claim that bonus. In addition, you can receive Bitcoin, USDT, Ethereum, and other cryptos to your wallet and are ready to use with Sportsbet io’s new exchange. 


  • Does Operate On Legal Terms in India?

    Online gambling or betting is not completely prohibited in India. But if we are speaking about the legality, then yes, Sportsbet CSGO is a 100% reliable and legal site in India. The bookie is operated under a Curacao eGaming permit, which makes it legitimate.

  • Does the website support mobile phones?

    Yes, the betting site can be launched on most smartphones and tablets

  • What Is the Medium Rank in CS:GO Game?

    For now, the average CS:GO rank is called Gold Nova III.

  • What is the maximum wager you can place at the Sportsbet?

    Maximum bet amounts can differ based on many factors, such as the type of sport, league, match, or betting market.