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Sportsbet. io is an online bookmaker that was founded in 1993, and since then, has never failed to impress its users. The bookmaker provides one of the best sportsbooks on the market, as well as great casino games with top-notch software providers. 

Sportsbet is a safe and reliable bookmaker, as it operates under the Curacao eGaming license. The bookmaker provides its players with the opportunity to take part in the affiliate program.

Each and every player can make use of the bookmakers’ bonuses and promotions. There are over 20 of them, and each of them guarantees a great increase in your winnings. 

Sportsbet also has a mobile application for both Android and iOS operating systems. It is completely free to download and requires little space on your mobile device.

What are eSports?

eSports is gaming at a competitive level. These games can be played on a computer or console, as well as on mobile devices. Gaming at a competitive level means players are competing for money, scholarships, or rankings within a tournament structure.

eSports pro players usually have very strict training schedules. Depending on their commitment and level of play, they could train monthly, weekly, or even daily. One of the great things about eSports is that it allows men and women to play across gender boundaries and also territorial. Some of the main eSports titles are League of Legends, Counter-Strike:Global Offensive, Dota 2, Call of Duty, and Valorant. 

Major eSports titles have built a big enough presence to have their own leagues with teams located in multiple countries. Another great feature of eSports is that just like regular sports, people can enjoy it both by watching the match at home, or by visiting the tournament personally.

Bonus for Betting on eSports

Bonus for Betting on eSports

To increase your winnings, you are given the opportunity to use bonuses and promotions, and eSports is no exception. The bookmaker provides its players with over 20 different promotions, and Sportsbet eSports bonuses are also present.

In the “Promotions” section, you can find the “eSports Extreme Offers” bonus. This bonus allows all fans of eSports to receive additional money for their bets, regardless of the Sportsbet eSport you choose. Be it Dota 2, Overwatch, CS:GO, LoL, Call of Duty, King of Glory, StarCraft 2, or Rainbow Six, by activating the bonus, you will add a Price Boost to your bet by placing a bet on the game that Sportsbet selects. 

This bonus also provides you with the Multi Bet Multiplier. It lets you make multiple selections on the same bet slip, allowing you to build your multiplier and increase the winnings you can receive. And if you are scared of risk, you can make use of the Multi Bet Insurance, which will let you receive a Free Bet if one of your Multi Bets loses.

Table of upcoming Events, Dates

As eSports is a very wide industry all over the world, the number of games played daily is impressive. And, to be able to place better bets, it would be useful to decide your bet days before the match occurs. And for that, we present to you the table with upcoming events in Sportsbet’s eSports section.

CS:GOWisla Krakow vs M1 GamingApril 19th, 17:00
CS:GOThunderflash vs Illuminar GamingApril 19th, 22:00
CS:GOTeam Esca Gaming vs Wisla KrakowApril 21st, 14:00
Dota 2Team Liquid vs GladiatorsApril 20th, 16:00
Dota 2Into The Breach vs Winter BearApril 20th, 19:00
Dota 2Fnatic vs T1 GamingApril 20th, 13:00
League of LegendsBisons  Eclub vs LDLC OLApril 21st, 18:00
League of LegendsAtleta Esport vs LDLC OLApril 21st, 20:00
League of LegendsBisons Eclub vs Atleta EsportApril 21st, 22:00
King of GloryVictorious Gaming vs Crown WatcherApril 18th, 14:00

How to bet on eSports

Placing bets on eSports is extremely simple, and won’t take more than 5 minutes of your time. To successfully place a bet on eSports at Sportsbet, here’s what you need to do:


Visit Sportsbet.

You can use either the mobile application or open the website;


Sign up or sign in.

If you don’t have an account, create one by clicking the “Register” button and providing the necessary information. If you already have an account, simply enter your username and password once you click on the “Sign in” button;


Make a deposit.

Placing bets requires you to deposit your own money, so click “Deposit”, choose the method of payment you wish to use, and confirm payment;


Select the match.

The main page has a list of all the available sports, and eSports is also on it. Just choose the game you wish to play, and all the available matches will open;


Select the odds.

All odds are presented on all the matches, so choose the one you want to have;


Place a bet.

Once you click on the odds, just enter the amount you wish to bet, and confirm your bet.

Now your bet is placed. You will receive your winnings automatically if the bet wins.

Types of Bets on eSports Events

Types of Bets on eSports Events

Just like any other sport, eSports also involves different types of bets that are necessary to learn to place better bets. They are:

  • Match Winner. This is the most common type of bet, even in eSports. The concept is simple: you just need to predict which player or which team will win. 
  • Outright Betting. The point of outright betting is that you need to predict not who will win a single match, but who will win the entire eSports tournament or a league. This type of bet is for experienced veterans of eSports betting.
  • Over/Under Bets. This type of bet is pretty self-explanatory. Here, you need to predict if the amount of a certain event will be over or under. 
  • Correct Score. This type of bet requires you to predict the correct number of points of a specific player or a team. For example, in Dota games, at the end of the match, there is a specific number of kills each team made. Your task is to predict this number.

The Line on eSports

eSports, as well as regular sports, also includes line betting. All of the matches on eSports provided by Sportsbet allow you to place line bets.

The concept of line betting on eSports is relatively simple: the bookmaker handicaps a match. Think of it like applying a head start, or handicap, to the team you are choosing to bet on. A line bet involves one team having 6 points better than the opposing team, for example, while the other team has 6 points worse than the opposing team. 

Thus, if you are placing a bet on the second team, at the end of the match, this team would have to have at least 7 points for you to receive your winnings.

Teams rated by eSports in 2022

Regardless of the eSports you will choose, to make more valuable bets that you will be sure are the winning ones, it’s important to learn about the teams playing, as well as their ratings. To give you a better understanding, please, check out our table with teams’ ratings:

Dota 2Team AsterTop 1
Dota 2Xtreme GamingTop 2 
Dota 2PGS.LGDTop 3
CS:GOAstralisTop 1
CS:GONatus VincereTop 2 
CS:GOSK GamingTop 3
League of LegendsLNG EsportsTop 1
League of LegendsFnaticTop 2 
League of LegendsT1 GamingTop 3
King of GloryHero JiuJingTop 1
King of GloryTalent GamingTop 2 
King of GloryAG Super PlayTop 3

Chances of Winning eSports Teams 2022

The chances of winning are strictly personal, as each team has its strengths and weaknesses. One team may have a greater reaction, but lower skill, whereas the other team will have the opposite. However, in some matches, it’s almost completely clear from the beginning who will win.

Sportsbet presents different odds for every match, and to understand which one has more chance to win, simply check the odds. 

Usually, the team that has bigger odds has lower chances of winning, whereas the team that has lower odds has more chances to win. However, each match is special, as the outcome of the match may change literally at the last second, so to have greater chances of winning, we highly recommend learning about the teams before placing bets.

Tips for Betting on eSports 2022

Tips for Betting on eSports 2022

To place better bets, especially if you are new to betting, you may use the next tips:

  • Observe players. eSports is a very competitive industry, where even a millisecond can change the outcome of the match. And that is why all players train to be the best of the best. This is why you should check out the previous performance of players of a team, to learn and understand what chances the team has against their opponents.
  • Learn the features of the game. Each eSports game has its own moments that some players know, and some players don’t. But if YOU know them, you will easily understand who knows them, and therefore, it will be a bit easier for you to predict the winner. App for eSports Betting

The bookmaker lets all players without exception download and use the mobile application. It is a completely free application available for both Android and iOS devices. The system requirements of it are low for both systems and will take little memory space.

The app provides all the same functions as the website does, meaning using it, the only difference will be the mobility. You will still be able to place bets, use bonuses, deposit money, and much more!


  • Can I contact the support team in case of difficulties?

    Yes. Sportsbet has a live chat that you can use to contact the support team. It operates 24/7, which means that you can contact the support team at any time.

  • Is it possible to place bets if I’m not of legal age?

    No. Betting is strictly prohibited unless you are at least 18 years old.

  • Are eSports bonuses getting updated?

    Certainly. Sportsbet constantly updates its bonuses, and eSports bonuses are no exception.